Lovells’ latest bulletin

It’s been a few months since Lovells LLP has published its latest Class Actions Bulletin but it’s still the latest one and still packed with interesting articles, so it’s still revelant to post here.

Topics include the EU Commission’s collective action benchmarks and recent studies, the latest on collective actions in France and the Netherlands, alternative forms of collective actions in Germany (other than the KapMuG), a piece on ‘corporate responsibility - a step in the right direction or towards increased group litigation?’ in England and Wales and ‘Class Actions - a pan-European perspective’.

An update on the article on the Dutch ‘Class Action’ Act - which states that “the Court of Appeal has not yet declared the Royal Dutch settlement as binding upon all shareholders. A hearing is expected before the end of 2008″ - is that the hearing has taken place on 20 November and that the decision is pending.

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