WV&Z now also on Twitter

After following the action from the sidelines for a while I finally caved in and created a Twitter account about a fortnight ago now. (See my first ‘tweet‘, as posts are called there.) Twitter is a ‘micro-blogging’ site where one can post messages for others to ‘follow’; a message may contain just 140 characters, much like a text message.

The aim of the dual blogging destinations - WV&Z/Twitter - is to add a short, quick-fire message function to the more in-depth, long form With Vigour and Zeal. (So it’s certainly not a replacement!) On Twitter too, I will post on European collective action developments but it will be in a mixture of other legal topics and personal stuff as well unlike the ‘purer’ WV&Z here which remains exclusively focused on collective actions with a European angle.

Some of the things already posted on my Twitter profile are an update on the Northern Rock compensation case (here; see previous post) and comments on Santander’s Madoff settlement in Miami (such as here). Personally, I announced going to a discussion at the New York Public Library last week featuring among others Prof. Lawrence Lessig (here, and followed up here).

To follow me on Twitter, if you have a Twitter account, simply go to my profile and click on the ‘Follow’ button. If you don’t have a Twitter account, you may receive the RSS feed, or, of course, simply drop in if and when to check out what’s new.

Thanks to Bruce Carton, again, for announcing my arrival on Twitter. His Securities Docket has a list of securities counsel to follow on Twitter. Also see the more general LexTweet and Justia Legal Birds for listings of lawyers and others on Twitter.

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