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WV&Z will return shortly

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2007

It’s almost two months since the last post here, during which time I have prepared for and taken the New York bar exam and the MPRE, with many thanks to those of you who wished me well.

Now that the exams are behind me, please bear with me; posting will resume shortly. In the mean time, as always, your submissions of suggestions and material are most welcome (contact me). To subscribe - it’s free and easy! - and receive any future post from the next one onward, please see here.

Welcome to With Vigour and Zeal

Sunday, December 31st, 2006

Over the past year or so, articles have been published, ideas exchanged with fellow bloggers and contributions guest posted. It was inevitable that the time would come that I should stand on my own.

My name is Werner Kranenburg and I welcome you to my blog, With Vigour and Zeal. Here I will post observations and comments on the practice of securities class action litigation and related topics, from a European’s point of view.

Please do register for this blog and subscribe to receive future posts, or just come back again here soon!

Yours, with vigour and zeal