PwC’s 2006 Securities Litigation Study

Every year, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP releases a report on US securities class action litigation activity, reserving some space in the report to focus on non-US issuers. (download it from the press release)

It names the 13 filers, from eight different countries and mostly from outside of Europe, which were subject of such actions last year (down from 19 the year before) and notes that this represents just 1 percent of the total 1,200 foreign issuers, in line with domestic issuers (93, 1.2 percent).

Skip to pages 56 - 75 (from 60 of 82) for the two chapters on foreign issuers and two editorials, by Reed Smith Richards Butler LLP on the controversial US-UK Extradition Treaty and PwC on deregistration. For a general review, see the D&O Diary.

What’s more: the Savett paper on the growing role of non-US investors in US securities class actions (see previous post) is now available, here. (Subscribe to WV&Z here; days left: 68)

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