Blue Ribbon for Roundtable’s fourth place

After, in chronological order, the Paulson Committee, Bloomberg/Schumer and Daley/Culvahouse, the Washington, DC-based financial institution lobby group The Financial Services Roundtable is to publish its report on capital markets regulation and competitiveness next month, according to today’s FT. And then there were four…

It is to recommend a ‘principles-based’ approach, such as the UK has, across the country‚Äôs ‘patchwork’ of financial markets regulators and “that [the US version of the UK] model would also tackle litigation reform”.

A Roundtable spokesperson has indicated to WV&Z that the report will be entitled “Blue Ribbon Commission on Enhancing Competitiveness”. It is due to be published shortly after the Roundtable board meeting next week, during which the report will be discussed by the four policy setting committees, one of which is the Regulatory Oversight Committee. (Subscribe to WV&Z here.)

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